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April 11, 2019

electSloan Weekly Update April 9

Campaign electSloan Weekly Update April 9 2019 Last Week around H-L&A Our terrific Super Canvass team enjoyed knocking on doors in the beautiful town of Bath last weekend!  I also canvassed in Cannifton during the week. We had many good conversations—it’s clear that many people in our riding are ready for a...

April 04, 2019

electSloan Weekly Update April 3

Campaign electSloan Weekly Update April 3 2019 Last Week around H-L&A We had a busy week knocking on doors!  We were in Napanee last weekend (hopefully the last time we’ll need boots and toques, although it’s been great to showcase some of our campaign gear!).  We also canvassed in Stirling on Monday,...

March 29, 2019

Trudeau has let China walk all over him

China has banned Canadian canola -- putting farmers at risk. This comes down to the way Justin Trudeau has managed foreign relations during his time in office. The verdict is not good. Candice Bergen explains more.

March 27, 2019

electSloan Weekly Update March 26

Campaign electSloan Weekly Update March 26 2019 Last Week around H-L&A Last weekend I knocked on doors with this terrific team in Deseronto—a community with such an interesting history, and very friendly people!  It was a real pleasure to talk all kinds of folks in this great community, including Mariano, an enthusiastic...

March 20, 2019

electSloan Weekly Update March 20

Last Week around H-L&A We had a great day of canvassing in Madoc last weekend!  Thanks to those who joined me— we would love to have others come out to knock on doors with us, especially as the snow and ice disappear. We will be knocking on doors almost every...

March 13, 2019

electSloan Weekly Update March 13

Campaign electSloan Weekly Update March 13 2019 Last Week around H-L&A I had an excellent meeting this week with Jim Pine, Chief Administrative officer of Hastings County.  We discussed affordable housing, cell and internet needs. I personally commit to fighting for funding to expand cell and internet coverage for our riding; I...

March 06, 2019

electSloan Weekly Update March 6

Campaign electSloan Weekly Update March 6 2019 Last Week around H-L&A… Our Super Canvass in Odessa was a success— we knocked on over 300 doors, nearly the whole village!  There were a couple of really rewarding moments—I got to meet 12-yr. old Aliyaza, who is very passionate about politics and does her...

March 01, 2019

electSloan Weekly Update Feb 27

electSloan Weekly Update February 27 2019 Last Week around HLA… Derek Sloan attended several community events last weekend: “Many Voices, One Heart” was an event in Napanee that focused on Reconciliation and Relationships with our Indigenous neighbours. The presentations were excellent, and Chief Don Maracle of the Mohawks of the...

March 01, 2019

Announcing the electSloan Victory Club

Announcing the electSloan Victory Club! We are excited to share our positive, Conservative vision with everyone in this great riding of H-L&A. A federal election is expected in October and the need to be election-ready is more pressing than ever - we need your help to share that vision with...